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How am I doing????

april 2, 2012


How am I doing, good question to be honest.


Overall you would just say that i am doing fine. But somehow, i just manage to think and think and think. I am starting to think about my future, thinking about what i could have become. And where i am now. I do not regret anything in my life, i just realise that i could have done so much better. I know exactly where i wanna go in life, but the way to that is bumpy and hard. In this economy you have to work twice as hard, have to give more then you got. I do not mind, but somehow, i still believe that there is a path that will lead you to the right way. But yeah, how do you know you are on the right one.

Somehow, at this time of year, my brain is making over hours. And I know it cause i have been tired for weeks now. Or is it just my lazy ass not being used to working. Could be that yes. And I think it is.

Work is awesome, have really nice colleagues. Will miss them for sure, luckly one lives in the same town as me :). Friday it will end. What to do next. I honestly do not know. I think i will spend my time gaming and playing with the little boy.. 🙂

To be continued, my mind is somewhere not in this blog, so i need to stop writing otherwise it will be a mess.


Chin chin,








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