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So u wanna be Steve Jobs??

april 10, 2012

So, the otherday at work, i brought the biography from Steve Jobs to work, in mind, that if it was quite at work, I could read some. Haha WRONG.

After an hour or something a colleague started working and he was sitting next to me. We were talking, blabla. So I said, I hope it will get quite, I really wanna read my book.

He asked what I was reading, so I said, biography of Steve Jobs, and he was like oooh nice, blabla. When suddenly he said, I wish I was him, he has so much money. My face went like, WTF ARE U SAYING??????

So i asked him, are you sure?? He said, yeah yeah, dude is rich.. My reply, hmm I would rather live then be Steve Jobs. So he looked at me, and asked me, why is he dead??????

My face, I cannot say how it looked, but it must have been bad. Ru friggin kidding me….



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