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League of Legends Ashe

april 19, 2012

So, it is time for some gaming talk.

Some of you who know me know that I play League of Legends. I honestly really like this game. It is free to play. It might be hard in the beginning, but when you get the hang of it, you will definatly like it.

My main character that I play with is Ashe. So I am going to write about Ashe today.











Ashe is not hard to play. So if you put some time in it, you will be fine.

I always begin the play with buying a healthpotion, mana potion and boots. Ashe, has not that much health so the health potion is a must for me. The mana is just in case. De boots are for some more movement speed, she is not a fast mover. So boots are handy. 😉




Ashe has four abilities.

The first is a frost shot, it will make the enemy slower so you can chase them if they are low on health and maybe kill them. The one thing you have to remind about this ability is that it uses much mana so after you are done dealing with the enemy turn it off. Otherwise you will find yourself without any mana.


The second ability is a volley. this ability fires off seven arrows dealing damage. It’s a perfect way to annoy the people you are laning against. And when you have a large number of minions incoming. this ability goves ashe more gold, and more gold is good.


The thirth ability is the hawkshot. With this ability you can shoot it anywhere on the map where you want. When you level this up you have a bigger range so you can see more. This is really nice if you getting ss calls (missing from lanes) and are think you might get ganked.With this one you can see enemy’s coming, so the gank is not going to work. Or just shoot it toward the dragon, baron or whatever you prefer.


The fourth ability and also her ultimate is a Enchanted Crystal Arrow. This ultimate does lots of damage and stuns the hero for a fair bit of time. fireing this arrow takes lots of practise and timing, and you might see yourself shooting of the arrow and it misses completely.




This is the way I do my build, this may vary for other players but I personally like this build

I start off with the mana, health potions and the boots of speed.

When I have enough money i buy

the B.F. sword. This one will be used for the infinity edge.

After that I buy the Berserker’s Greaves, this will also increase attack speed.

Then the infinity edge –>

Phantom dancer –>

Bloodthirster –>

Phantom dancer.

With this build you can do lots of damage. When I have enough I will go for an extra bloodthirster.


Mastery Trees

Since I am currently level 18, I do not have the mastery done yet. But that will come when I am level 30.

This is my current mastery trees: Click to enlarge.











So this is about it.

I will do a blog about the game itself soon. Cause some of you do not know the game. If you do not know it, and you want to play a nice team game, please download the game and add me to your friends. We could do a game then. My ingame name is MrsSekhmet.




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